Why shop with us...

There are a lot of options out there for purchasing your craft supplies & craft vinyl (locally & online).

We love crafting ourselves, and understand it can be pricey to continue your hobby/business! So we decided to become a Craft Vinyl retailer to provide quality products without the quality product price tag. We pass those savings onto you, our amazing crafting community!

We have done our research on the industry/market –

Below are a few of the highlights that we feel make us a great option to be your “go to” Craft Supplier!

Olivia Nyx
Lower Prices
Offer Vinyl Rolls & Sheets
Vinyl Sample Packs (And we can customize packs for your needs)
Flat Rate Shipping
Faster Order Shipping (1-3 days)
Shipments occur within the U.S.
** Official Product Retailer for Teckwrap Craft **
We order directly from the manufacturer to deliver your favorite TECKWrap products for less money & less wait time! This ensures you get what you need to finish your projects/orders!
Other shops
Overall more expensive
Only offer full rolls
Some Sample Packs
Free Shipping on orders $99+
Longer Order Shipping (5-12 days)
Shipments occur usually out of the U.S.
A lot of vinyl looks the same - many listings & ads do not specify the product manufacturer. It may look like TECKwrap, but it may not be the same quality.

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