Every Vinyl is just a little bit different and unique in its own way. From our Patterned Holographic Permanent Adhesive Vinyl to our Glow-In-the-Dark Permanent Adhesive Vinyl options, each one may have a different cut setting for your machine. We have put together settings that we use here at Olivia Nyx for our Teckwrap Craft Vinyl. These settings have been test with our Silhouette Cameo 4 & Circuit Maker machines.

**Keep in mind that every machine may cut differently. This is based on many variables such as sharpness of blade, mat quality, weather, and many other factors. Please use these settings as basic guidelines for a good starting point to find what works with your machine. We always suggest doing a small test cut before beginning on your full project and adjust your settings as needed. 

Olivia Nyx Design is not responsible for any damages to vinyl or machines.

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